Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Heavy Metal Detox with MetalloClear

It's been a while since I posted the game plan for my healing and now that I'm on to Phase 2, I wanted to post an update. I have been faithfully taking all my supplements and probiotics for a few months now and can honestly say that I have been feeling better.   I still have my ocular flutter and vestibular imbalance, but I'm handling it much better and my energy levels have been much higher.  In addition, my digestion plumbing is top notch (without getting too personal) and for the past two months my menstrual cycle has finally regulated, along with non-existent cramps and bloating.  My doctor said these are all signs of the gut beginning to heal and it's good. (Of course these issues are not my main problem, but according to my doctor, there are layers of healing and it starts with the gut and optimizing your body's ability to deal with tackling the bigger issues. This is yet another test in patience!  I want to dive right in and fix my dizziness, but in reality, that will be the last thing to resolve.)  Another thing I noticed is how much better I feel in the mornings. I used to have a very difficult time getting out of bed because of the level changes.  After laying down all night, it took a few hours each morning for my head to get used to being upright.  I just felt off and had to move slowly, but not so much anymore.  I've had a day or two here and there where I'm off again, but overall there has been a huge improvement.

I've been eating very clean as directed, with lots of protein (meat, eggs, chicken, beans, etc), tons and tons of vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds and lots of healthy fats and oils.  It wasn't too hard to give up sugar like I thought.  I did it slowly and now that I've been eating this way, I don't even have cravings anymore.  My head feels clearer too.  I am doing so much better on a higher healthy fat diet.  I should note that I made one mistake a few weeks ago and popped ONE dark chocolate Hershey Kiss into my mouth while baking cookies for my grandma's friend and within 10 minutes I felt very sick, off balance, my positional vertigo came back and I developed a migraine.  It had to be related to what I ate because I had been doing so well before and ever since that incident.  What the heck are Hershey Kisses really made of!? Scary stuff!

My doctor talked about several things related to my health that we may explore in the future (possibly Lyme's, mold exposure, sinus issues), but the big problem we're dealing with first now that my gut has been healing is the mercury and lead toxicity. I started a 60 day treatment to detox from heavy metals today with supplements called MetalloClear.  Instead of traditional chelation therapy, which my doctor does not use, she has me on this natural protocol.  You can read more about it, but basically I'm taking "super food" supplements which will increase my body's own ability to detox metals for itself.  It's supposed to be a slower, safer and more gentle approach. Along with the supplements, I am drinking one nutritional support shake per day to help replenish any good things lost from my body in the process. This is a process that must be done slowly and I will update again to let you know how I'm doing. In addition to this heavy metal detox plan and the supplements I mentioned I was taking in my last blog post, my doctor also added some iron and iodine to my treatment plan. 

My doctor believes this plan will eliminate my neurological issues and I'm praying the Lord will allow it to be so!


  1. I have the same issues you are having. And I'm using the same healing protocol you are using. Just started one week ago. Can you give me some hope and positive boost to help me out? What did you experience, in terms of symptoms, for the last 2 months? Did you get any positive results in the beginning? Any help and cheerful experience would be wonderful :)

    1. Hi there! Thank you for commenting. How interesting that we have the same issue and treatment! I'm sorry you're dealing with this, I know how awful it is. I am only on Day 6 of the MetalloClear and so far, I haven't had any issues. I'm slowly working my way up to the full dose though, which is what my doctor advised. What is your treatment plan like?

      For the past few months, since starting my prescribed supplements and probiotics, I have definitely had more energy and feeling less "out of it" with the dizziness, and overall I'm functioning more like a normal person though I'm not fully healed yet (if that makes sense?). It did take some time, I'd say a few weeks, but the results have certainly been positive. I believe you can and will feel better too! :)

      If you haven't noticed from my blog, my faith plays a huge role in getting me through each day. I know I can do all things with the Lord's strength and that has been 100% true through this experience.

      I will be praying for you!