Saturday, January 31, 2015

The One Year Mark

Today marks my one year anniversary of getting sick with my mysterious vestibular disorder and ocular flutter.  It was 1/31/14 that I experienced the abrupt onset of symptoms and have lived with them every day since then.  I call last year my worst year physically, but my best year spiritually.  Funny how that can be so true!  I really want to hate 2014, but I can't.  It was the year the Lord brought so much spiritual healing and growth into my life, that I can't help but look back and be more grateful than I've ever been.  I know Him more, I have a deeper understanding of His word, I call upon His truth in the face of fear whereas before, I'd let anxiety overwhelm me, I feel His presence and grace in my life on a daily basis and continuously walk by His power in my weakness (2 Cor 12:9). 

Since my last blog post I've just been living life to the best of my ability (and quite well for the most part, thank you Lord!), with episodes here and there that have kept me in bed for the day.  Thankfully, those are fewer and further between.  I've been exercising most days of the week, which is a huge blessing and something I've missed, getting all my chores and shopping done and caring for my grandmother who is still living with us.  Every day is a daily surrender to the Lord's strength and every day He gets me through.

I did start seeing a functional medicine doctor who is looking into things like heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, mold exposure, gut bacteria and more, so I will update if any answers come from this new round of testing.  In the meantime, I just take each day as it comes, as I wait for my healing that the Lord promised.  I don't know if it will be through this new doctor I am seeing, or by His own miraculous power, but either way I know it will be in His perfect time.