Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MetalloClear Week 14

Today I start Week 14, Day 92 of my heavy metal detox.  I don't have much to report this week again.  In fact, I almost forgot to do my blog post!  The thought occurred to me mid-day that it was Wednesday and time to do my update. I haven't been thinking much about it, just keeping my focus on the Lord and the work He has given me to do each day.

If it's worth mentioning, I can say that my head did feel off all weekend, as well as my balance but I pressed on through it. The weather was rainy and with the pressure outside rising and lowering, that has always been an issue for me. 

I'm just so thankful and excited that I'm in the home stretch of this detox. I believe I have 32 days to go after today.

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