Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MetalloClear Week 10

I'm starting Week 10, Day 64 of my heavy metal detox today. I hit a milestone yesterday and finally finished my first bottle of MetalloClear! I start the second bottle today and have 8 weeks left to go. I decided to stay at the dose of 2 in the morning and 1 at night since I'm doing alright at that dosage and my doctor confirmed that it hasn't seemed to matter if the detox is done faster or slower.  I'll take slower and avoid the risk of any further side effects. I also ditched the medical food shake I was drinking everyday to support the detox in favor of capsules called Xymogen DPO med caps. They serve the same purpose and I had reached my breaking point with drinking that shake.  For the past week I've felt like vomiting it up and you know when you know that you're just done with something.  I'm thankful there was an alternative.  My husband and I have this silly thing we do when we get rid of something we don't like.  You know that song "na na na hey hey (goodbye!)!"?  Yeah, well I sang the first bottle of MetalloClear and the medical shake all the way to the garbage!

On a separate note, I've been having some issues with my stomach that seem to be gallbladder related. I'm having an ultrasound today to check things out since my mother and sister both had theirs removed at my age. I'm not sure what's causing all the pain and related fun symptoms.  Could it be my new high fat diet?  I know that fat affects the gallbladder. I'm not sure, but I'm sure hoping it's not that and that I don't need surgery!!  If it's not my gallbladder though, I can't imagine what it could be.  

I started a magnesium supplement this week too at the suggestion of the nutritionist I met with who went over my 23andMe results with me. I'm not sure what it can add to my health, but I hear a lot about magnesium deficiencies and how it can affect a lot of bodily systems. I remember trying it once a while back to see if it would help with my dizziness, but I don't think I tried it long enough.  We shall see!

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