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Faithful Workouts: Dance (Pazaz) and Power Stretch

I've been wanting to do a blog post about Faithful Workouts for a while now.  After doing their new "Pazaz" workout, I just had to share about it!  I first want to thank God that He has brought me to a place in my illness where I can do formal workouts now. My health is definitely something I have taken for granted and I'm just so thankful to Him that fitness is part of my doctor's prescription to help me get better. There was a time where I couldn't face a workout because of my dizziness, so to do a 30 minute cardio workout and be able to blog about it after is truly a blessing from God.  I just take one day He blesses me with at a time!

I came to know Faithful Workouts a few years ago while on a fitness forum.  I was looking for Christian workouts and these were recommended to me. I ordered a bunch of workouts and really liked them, but I wasn't in the right spiritual place to fully appreciate them at the time.  As I posted about before, I spent years in bondage regarding my body image.  I was obsessed with fitness and diets and used them as a means to try and achieve a certain look, a look which of course always eluded me. After all, our flesh nature is never satisfied, now is it?  In a blog post found here, I wrote about how God used my current illness to free me from the chains of idolatry regarding fitness and food, among other things. In years prior, the Faithful Workout DVD's I purchased were just one of the many tools I used to try and attain my aesthetic goals.  However, God worked on my heart to get rid of all of my other workouts (I must have had at least 100) and to only keep these.  

(As a side note, I got rid of all my workouts other than one stretching workout I really liked. I didn't feel right about keeping it because I was not completely obeying God.  I kind of felt like Abraham keeping Lot around. ;-) I didn't want to part with it though because I love stretching and didn't know what I would do without it.  As luck God would have it, when Pazaz was released, it included a stretch routine!  I couldn't get rid of that last workout fast enough :-) ).

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Pazaz is a 37 minute dance workout set to upbeat, Christian music, based on David's dance for the Lord in 2 Samuel 6:14. It is so much fun!! I had to modify some of the moves because of my illness, but still worked up a good sweat. Each routine has moves that build upon each other, leading up to putting it all together before moving on to the next. The moves are pretty basic and easy to catch on to.  It might take a time or two, but once you get everything down, you're free to move and enjoy the music!  I couldn't decide which routine was my favorite.  Just when I thought I loved one the most, the next one would make me think the same thing.  There's a break in the middle with all standing ab work, which I loved as well. I'm really into standing ab work!  The final stretch is really encouraging as Michelle talks about having joy in the Lord and not our circumstances.  It was a message I really needed to hear.  One of the things I love most about these workouts is the encouraging messages and scripture that are included.  

As for the Power Stretch routine, I loved that too! It was very relaxing. It lives up to its name since some moves did require muscle "power" to hold the poses. I got my husband to do this one with me and he kept saying how great he felt afterwards. The music was soothing and the message in this one was just as encouraging as the message in Pazaz.  It's based on the story of David and Goliath.  This one is about 20 minutes long.

Here's a clip:

What makes Faithful Workouts different than anything else out there, besides the Christian message and music, is that fact that it includes information on faith and fuel and not just fitness. You can purchase workbooks on the website with weekly readings that include biblical information on faith, fitness and fuel. I purchased one of the plans a while back that included a menu plan and daily readings and found it so encouraging. It really helped me transform the way I viewed fitness and eating. Faithful Workouts is one of the tools the Lord used to show me that a healthy body is important to serve Him and I am so thankful for it.  Check out their website!  You can even purchase clothing, homeschooling tools and fitness equipment. 

I just wanted to mention that I'm not saying that non-Christian workouts are bad for Christians. This is my walk and what the Lord is showing me personally.  I am susceptible to buying into the lies other videos may tell when they talk about "getting a bikini body" or something similar.  As I walk with the Lord and desire to transform my mind, using these workouts help me to focus on the truth (Phil 4:8).  I honestly believe that what we hear and allow into our minds will affect what we think and how we live. We're either feeding the flesh or feeding the spirit and Faithful Workouts will feed your spirit! I want God involved in all I do and to glorify Him even in my fitness life. I thank God for Faithful Workouts and pray every day that He continues to bless this ministry.  

As for Pazaz, this is a must have!  You won't be disappointed.  I am already hoping for a sequel!! :)

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